Scott Gries/Picturegroup for FOX

Lite’s Review Room – Glee Christmas Album

Holidays are coming faster than you think, so that means it’s time for another Christmas Album, performed by the cast of “Glee.”  The phenomenal success of last year’s effort made this one a no-brainer.


Can She Sing?

A Kim Kardashian  music video, ‘JAM’, has been leaked. The question is “Can she sing?” And, “Does she have what it takes to be a singing pop star?”


Gene And Julie’s Big Fat Liar Today Is…

Truth or Lie: Did Gene un-friend his friend for flooding his kitchen? Play Big Fat Liar this week and win a Febreze gift set!


Compete For A Role On “Glee”!

Exciting news from the world of ‘Glee!’ Producers officially announced they will launch a reality competition series to find the next star of the hit FOX comedy!