Man Shoots At Taco Bell Employees Because They Forgot His Sour Cream
Omar Mateen Texted Wife Throughout Orlando MassacreMateen chillingly responded, "Do you see what's happening?" Salman replied "No," and then received one final text from Mateen, "I love you babe."
If You're Looking For A Way To Help Orlando, Donate To Orlando Regional Medical CenterSince the shooting in Orlando, there have been tons of people giving blood, donating money, even Chick-fil-a opened it's doors on Sunday to serve free food to those giving blood.
Orlando Gunman Targeted Disney World Before Deciding To Shoot Up Gay NightclubAll Disney them parks have metal detector, bag checks and security when entering the park, but Downtown Disney does not.
New Snapchat Footage From Inside The Orlando Nightclub Emerges (Video)One of the identified victims for the Pulse Nightclub shooting sent out a series of videos on Snapchat before and during the event that claimed 50 innocent lives, including hers.
Social Media from Celebrities Reacting to Orlando Tragedy
Dallas Police Release Video of Love Field Shooting
Shots Fired At Dallas Love FieldShots have been fired at Dallas' Love Field in the baggage claim area.
UCLA Gunman Had A 'Kill List' And Police Have Found A Body In His Minnesota HomeSarkar, a resident of Minnesota, had killed a woman in a small town in that state and investigators had found a “kill list” in Sarkar’s residence.
Police Investigate Shooting At Deep Ellum Recording StudioThe suspect is still at large.
Dallas Man Shoots and Kills Burglary Suspect
An Employee Was Killed At A Wal-Mart In Kaufman This MorningDetails are still being investigated.

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