In Celebration Of Shark Week Here Is A Video Of "The Biggest Shark Ever Filmed"It's Shark Week, and our eyes have been glued to Discovery all week. We can't get enough! In celebration we found a video of the "biggest shark ever filmed."
Plano Man Survives Shark AttackWhat started as fishing trip off the coast of Corpus Christi became a struggle for survival for Plano resident, George Saber.
Unexpected Blessing of a Shark Attack: “It Saved My Life”What a story! Eugene Finney was left cut, bruised and in pain when a shark smashed into him while he was swimming off the California coast.
Galveston: Shark Bites 13-Year-Old Boy in Waist-Deep WaterThe incident took place around 10 a.m. yesterday. Two teenage brothers were in the water, and – what a story!
Video Shows Gruesome Aftermath Of Shark Bite!**Graphic**
VIDEO: SHARK WEEK: Woman's Advice Goes Viral
Punk'd! Cruel & Hilarious Shark In The Water Prank
Julie's Jabber: 'Megalodon', Am I Smarter than a 9-Year-Old?
VIDEO: 7-Year-Old Texas Girl Loves Free Diving With SharksSeven-year-old Texan Sophia Martinez loves diving with sharks! Check out the video!
Dead Shark Found On TrainA shark was found on a train. Either it's a great joke, a great mistake, or the best Shark Week promotion ever!
Vine Before Nine: Shark Week Attack!John takes on Shark Week in today's Vine Before 9!!
Shark Week Begins This Week On Discovery Channel With "Megalodon"Shark lovers rejoice! Shark Week is back on Discovery Channel, and they might have found a monster shark bigger than a Great White roaming the ocean.

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