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Uncle Poodle Exposes Mama June’s Sordid Sex Scandal!

Facebook has not been a friendly place for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June. First she got a huge amount of blowback for dating a convicted sex offender and having that person around her […]

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Strangest Jobs Ever, This One Might Top The List

So your about to go to medical school, and you decide to give it up for what?? She gave it up, to work with vibrators. We didn’t see that one coming. See the full story […]

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Miley’s Raunchy Birthday Celebration

Miley Cyrus‘ 22nd birthday party at L.A.’s Factory Nightclub Saturday night was as crude as could be with a giant mechanical male genitalia as a party centerpiece. Details are here

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Lisa Bonet’s Tweets Aimed At The Bill Cosby Scandal? She’s Not On His Side It Seems…

“According to the karma of past actions, one’s destiny unfolds, even though everyone wants to be so lucky . . . Nothing stays in the dark 4ever!” That’s what Lisa Bonet tweeted, is it aimed at her […]

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Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Gets Standing Ovation: More Women Accuse!

Bill Cosby and his comedy were back on stage on last night and he receivied a standing ovation at a performance in the Bahamas. The event he performed at was a benefit for a women’s […]

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‘I thought he could kill me.’ Lawyer Who Is FIFTH Bill Cosby Assault Victim Speaks Out!

Bill Cosby has been hit with a slew of allegations of sexual assault including a new one today. Tamara Green now 66 and a retired California Attorney says she also was attacked by Cosby. She gave […]

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Mama June’s Shocking Revelation of ANOTHER Sex Offender Boyfriend!

In a sit-down interview with Entertainment tonight June ‘Mama June’ Shannon managed to shock people even more with revelation that there is ANOTHER child sex offender she has had a relationship with!  says Pumpkin’s father […]

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A Duggar Sex Scandal? Impossible? Maybe not?

There may be a mini sex scandal according to a guest at the recent Duggar marriage. The question is – Did Jessa & Ben ‘Consummate’ Marriage In Church Room After Ceremony? Jessa Duggar and Ben […]

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Jenny McCarthy Spills The Beans On Her Sex Life

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Donnie’s junk. Wait…where ya going?


Nicki Minaj (Photo Credit: Don Arnold/Getty Images)

Hilarious Flight Attendant Horror Stories!

What’s it like to serve Nicki Minaj on an airplane? These flight attendants are spilling the details on some of the craziest things they have seen in the air.




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