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Ryan Reynolds Hit By A Car Yesterday!

Ryan Reynolds was in Vancouver over the weekend, and was hit by a car. He was shooting a new movie, and a car speeding through the parking garage hit him. No worries though, all is […]

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This Footage Of The Tornado Yesterday Is Terrifying

A massive tornado hit a small town in Illinois, and basically demolished the whole town. The video above is terrifying. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected in Illinois. You can see more […]

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Chilling Audio Of Sandra Bullock’s 911 Call About Her Stalker

A  man was arrested breaking into Sandra Bullocks house recently. The trial happened this week, and they released the audio from her 911 call. I can’t imagine if this happened to me how scared I […]

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It’s Terrifying How Easy It Is To Hack Your Baby Monitor

Have you seen how easy it is for someone to hack into your baby monitor? It’s actually terrifying how easy it is. This mother from Minnesota noticed her monitor was doing weird things. It would start […]

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VIDEO: Girl Passes Out On Freeway

Don’t drink and drive! How many times does it need to be said?? Here’s yet more proof that it’s the worst idea ever, but luckily THIS story has a happy ending: Over the weekend, this […]

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ISIS Releases “Kill List” For Cities, And One Of Ours Made The List

Not going to lie, this scares me a little. ISIS has released what they are calling a “Kill List” asking people to target law enforcement in certain cities. There are 7 Texas cities that were […]

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The Male “Swimming Sock” Is Here And It Must Be Stopped!

Have you seen this yet? I’m not sure who in their right mind would wear this, but to each their own. We don’t know if we should laugh or scream. And Courtney is right. If […]

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Your Smart TV Is Watching You, While You Watch It

When is a smart TV to smart? Technology advances every single day, with something new coming out all the time. The new smart TV’s have voice commands on them so you don’t have to use […]

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Possibly The Most Awkward Moment EVER On The Bachelor

Possibly one of the most embarrassing moments, or the greatest moment ever. Chris called Julia, and Jillian thought it was her name. About the time she figured out it wasn’t her, she slipped and fell. […]

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This Guy Had To Be Hospitalized For Chugging To Much Eggnog!

So you have officially been warned. Don’t do this. Although I think it was a freak accident, kind of. It went down his wind pipe instead of into his stomach. He had to be put […]

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