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New Ebola Scare

Here we again…a new Ebola scare. This time on a cruise ship.


(Photo by YASSER AL-ZAYYAT/AFP/Getty Images)

Stop Trying To Scare Tony With Australia Stories

People keep trying to freak Tony out before his Australia trip.



Vine Before 9: Megaphone Patrol

John was on megaphone patrol around the office this morning. How many people did he scare in today’s Vine Before 9?


Creeper John

Vine Before 9: John Scares The Office

We set John on the task of scaring the office in our Vines Before 9.


Bathroom Surprise

Tony And The Boys Scared The Wits Out Of Julie

Tony and the boys pulled a big scary prank on Julie this morning!


Photo by Alan Thornton/Getty Images

Husband Pranks Wife On Road Trip

You’ve got to see this video! A husband scares the daylights out of his wife on a long drive.


Photo from YouTube

Curiosity Spooked The Cat

We all know what happens to curious cats. This kitty was poking around the family fish aquarium when he gets a big surprise from one of the aquarium’s residents.



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