Ryan Reynolds Parodies Erectile Dysfunction Ad For Deadpool DVD ReleaseCan Ryan Reynolds get any funnier? Well he is trying with his new parody for Deadpool's release on Blu-ray.
Ryan Reynolds Pays Tribute To 13-Year-Old Deadpool Fan Who Passed Away
Ryan Reynolds Seals The Deal On Deadpool 2It's no secret, Deadpool is one of the greatest comic book movies of all time. That's my opinion anyway. Part of what makes this movie so good is Ryan Reynolds. He IS Deadpool!
What Were Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Doing at the White House? Besides Looking BeautifulNot many of us get to have dinner at the White House in our lifetime, so let us live vicariously through those who do. It was a state dinner for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife. Another husband & wife, Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively, made a grand entrance.
Ryan Reynolds Says He Wants Nine Daughters!I wonder if he's run this by his wife Blake Lively?
Ryan Reynolds Grabs Blake Lively's Boob In An Epic Instagram PicRyan Reynolds is definitely channeling Deadpool!
Ryan Reynolds Is People Magazine's Sexiest Dad Alive!Who is People's Sexiest Dad Alive?
A-List Celebs Set To Appear In Super Bowl CommercialsThey must be earning a pretty penny!
Ryan Reynolds Pays Tribute To His Late Father With A Precious PicWell, it's safe to say we know where Ryan Reynolds gets his good looks...his father
Ryan Reynolds Reveals That Daughter James Calls Him "Mama"
Ryan Reynolds Caught Close Friend Trying To Sell Baby PhotosRyan Reynolds has learned that money causes people to do some strange things, including trying to sell one of your friend's baby pictures.
Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Share First Pic Of Baby Daughter

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