Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride (Image: Walt Disney World)

#KoryatDisney: Why Walt Disney World Is My Hometown

I will be taking the show on the road to the Walt Disney World Resort, a place I consider home…here’s why!

15 hours ago

Photo by Cole Henson/KVIL

Leigh Ann Interviews Ryan Blanchard, Chef At Makihiki At Disney Aulani Resort & Spa

Leigh Ann interviewed Ryan Blanchard, the Chef at Makihiki restaurant here at Disney Aulani Resort & Spa. Ryan was borne and raised in Hawaii, and beganc his studies at Kapiolani Comunity College. He then went […]


Photo by Cole Henson/KVIL

Leigh Ann Interviews Sam Pablo, Disney Aulani Spokepseron/Musician

Sam Pablo is a native Oahu singer/musician and an extended member of the Aulani family. Sam shares his talents an appreciation of the story of Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa with Leigh Ann in […]


Leigh Ann interviews Angela Wakey, Laniwai Spa Host (1)

Leigh Ann Interveiws Angela Wakey Laniwai Spa Host At Disney Aulani Resort & Spa

Leigh Annsat down with Angela Wakey, Laniwai Spa Host here at Disney Aulani Resort & Spa. Angela talked about all the great things the Laniwai Spa had to offer,, and Leigh Ann describes her amazing […]


Photo by Cole Henson/KVIL

Leigh Ann Interviews Prema Fitzpatrick, Disney Vacation Club Guide

Leigh Ann sat down with Prema who helps oversee the Disney Vacation Club here in Aulani. The Disney Vacation Club Preview Center at Aualni introduce Guests to Micky’s Version of Time Share.” The Disney Vacation […]



Tony Finds Out What Will Be Happening In 2013 At Disneyland

Disneyland Resort is always making the experience special and Anna Uloa-Cantos gives some hints as to what is in store if you head to the Disneyland Resort in 2013.



Tony Talks With Disneyland Resort Creative Director

Dinseyland always has to step up the show.  They put on the best shows in the world every single day, multiple times a day.  What does it take?  Where do the ideas come from, what […]



Tony Talks To The Marketing Manager For Disneyland Resort

With all there is to do at Disneyland in California, assistant Marketing Manager Jason Soyster talks with Tony about some of the best ways to enjoy all the magic at Disneyland and a few secrets […]


Photo by Kenna Love/Getty Images

New Pet Resort At DFW Airport Will Put Your Pets In The Lap Of Luxury

As if your pampered pooch wasn’t spoiled enough, now you can rest assured your pets will be just as spoiled while you’re on vacation as they are when you are home. Paradise 4 Paws has […]