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She Mail: Woman’s New Boyfriend Wants Purses From Ex Gone

Julie helped a woman whose new boyfriend is asking her to throw out designer purses that were given to her by an ex.


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Tony’s Friend Wants To Save Money Dating By Going Straight To Dessert

Tony’s friend has a dating plan that he thinks will save him money. However, the innocent idea may come across a little shadier than intended.


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Best Make Out Spots Around DFW And The U.S.

Find out some romantic places to take a date around town or to take a romantic getaway!


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Museum Of Broken Relationships Displays Relics Of Past Loves

The Museum of Broken Relationships displays items donated from old loves and past relationships.


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Facebooking Couples Have Closer Relationships In Real LIfe

The couple that Facebooks together, stays together, according to a recent study.



Men Say ‘I Love You’ Faster Than Women

We’re sure if you took an un-scientific poll around the the office most people would assume women are quicker to pull the trigger on the big three words in a relationship. However, an actual study […]


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Twitter’s Dating Deal Breakers And Major Turn Offs

In the run up to Valentines Day, Twitter users vented their dating deal breakers through the hashtag “MajorTurnOffs”. Here are a few of the dating faux pas according to the web.


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KillSwitch App Will Erase Your Ex From Facebook

There’s a new Facebook app that will erase all traces of your ex from your Facebook.


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Talk About The State Of Your Relationship

Like the President addresses the nation on how the government is doing, couples could benefit from a regular “State of Our Union” conversation to keep your romance on the same page.


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Local Guy Sean Lowe Talks About Being “The Bachelor”

Local Dallas guy, Sean Lowe, talks about the demands of being “The Bachelor” and why he decided to go for it.





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