Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Were Apartment Shopping Together!
You’ve Heard of A Break-Up Via Text, But What About A Proposal?
Your Cellphone Is Ruining Your RelationshipHow often would you say that you or your partner pull out the cellphone when you're together? Is your phone within sight at all times? When the phone rings to either of you immediately check it even if you're in the middle of a conversation?
10 Worst Ways To Breakup With A WomanBreaking up is hard to do, no matter how long or short the relationship lasted. You always end up hurting someone’s feelings, and for most of us, that is not something we look forward to. And although there is never a best or easy way to end a relationship, there are certainly bad ways to end it.
Christmas Gifts For The Sentimentalist
First Thing's Eventual: 53-Year-Old Susan Boyle's First Boyfriend!
Guy's Break-up Text Goes ViralI'm taking my trumpet and going home.
Woman's "Fat Girl Rant" On Louis CK's Sitcom Strikes A Chord Epic and empowering rant about dating
Wives' Nagging Could Send Husbands To Early GraveStudy shows one can actually be nagged to death.
The Dallas-Area Neighborhoods With The Most CheatersA website for cheaters revealed the Dallas neighborhoods with the most two-timers.
Paying More Attention To Your Smartphone Could Damage Your RelationshipsDo you pay more attention to your smartphone than to your significant other or friends?
Pranks Gone WrongGuy decides to prank his girlfriend, but his prank backfires when his girlfriend makes a confession. Check out the video!

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