Study: You Have to Talk To 16 People Online Before You Find a RelationshipA new study seems encouraging about online dating. They've boiled it down to math. 16 people in 2 months = relationship.
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Calvin Harris And Taylor Swift Just Took A HUGE Step In Their Relationship!
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Justin Bieber Has Been Doing Some Soul SearchingWow!!! When did Justin Bieber grow up?
Which Hollywood Couple Is Calling It Quits?Maybe it's the "11"-year-itch...
STUDY: Stay-At-Home Husbands Are More Likely To Cheat"I think it has to do with our cultural notions of what it means to be a man and what the social expectations are for masculinity..."
18 Worst Ways To Break Up With SomeoneIt's not you, it's me.
BREAKING: Taylor Swift Takes Her New Relationship Public! Check Out The Pics!The couple were photographed (willingly?) holding hands on a date night.
Calvin Harris Has Gone Where No Other Guy Who Dated Taylor Swift Has
Which Star Did Madonna Hook Rihanna Up With?RiRi's got Madge to thank for her love life.

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