Photo Credit and Recipe by:  Jennie, the baker, photographer, mess-maker, spatula-licker, and recipe developer at The Messy

Foodie Blog: Chocolate Banana Heaven Breakfast Smoothie

You too will say, “I can’t believe this is healthy!!”



President Promises To Release White House Beer Recipes

President Barack Obama participated in an online chat on the internet site Reddit earlier this week. Users asked the president about everything from campaign finance laws, the space program, Internet freedom, and American troops in […]


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10 Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Whether it’s your first time cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey or if it’s your normal routine for the 3rd Thursday of November, the right recipe can really make the day special.   We scoured one of […]


Memorial Day Essentials: Top Five Desserts

Want to make your Memorial Day one to remember? If you add these delicious treats to your menu, you can’t go wrong! Find out how to make your desserts a hit amongst all your guest.