Photo Courtesy of Stacy Fawcett

July 9th Is National Sugar Cookie Day!!!

Thank you Rachel Fawcett for this twist on the “regular” ‘ol sugar cookie! A great summertime cookie for the kids to practice baking. I make these when I want to make ice cream sandwiches…you will be addicted immediately. Foodie Tip: Try adding chocolate chips into the batter for a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich :)


Photo by Joe Kohen/Getty Images

Beer Infused Pizza For The Big Game

Wanting to get your party excited for the big game this weekend? Then why not try a recipe that is a bit outside the box, like Beer Infused Pizza? Here is what you will need: […]



President Promises To Release White House Beer Recipes

President Barack Obama participated in an online chat on the internet site Reddit earlier this week. Users asked the president about everything from campaign finance laws, the space program, Internet freedom, and American troops in […]



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