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Deviled Eggs Are On The Menu!

To Bake or to Boil???


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Happy Valentine’s Day To YOU!!

Today I’m making chocolate filled raspberries! Only two ingredients and you don’t have to feel bad for indulging on this decadent treat :)


Stacy Fawcett

Overnight French Toast Souffle #RecipeOfTheDay

Santa will be jealous that he will miss breakfast in the morning!! If you haven’t had Overnight French toast soufflé, you must try it now!! This is so good you will be mad at me for introducing it to you. This dish will call you in your sleep :) You can put it together before you go to sleep and before everyone wakes up….put it in the oven for 35-45 minutes, make your coffee and I guarantee you will have a house full of happy people no matter how early it is!


Stacy Fawcett

Gingerbread & Royal Icing #RecipeOfTheDay

The “Secret” to a successful gingerbread house that wont fall down is the ROYAL ICING that acts as a “glue” to keep everything in place. Have fun with the decorating! Anything is possible :) We made the Fort Worth Stockyards to represent TEXAS!! #LiveLocal Foodie LOVE! Happy Holidays!


Our friends & fellow Pet Lovers at Cozy Kitchen

Doggy Cookies #Woof

We are HUGE animal lovers at KVIL and we haven’t forgot your furry little friend who likes to eat on Thanksgiving :) This perfect lil Doggy “Cookie” or “Biscuit” that is gluten free and easy to make. These treats have minimal ingredients so they are good for your fur child. Garbanzo flour is the total jam for dogs. Coming in at 22%, garbanzo flour has the highest protein level out of all flours. Also, it’s super inexpensive.


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Brrrrr! Homemade Hot Chocolate

Happy Veteran’s Day to ALL of our Vets!! We thank you for your great Service to our country.


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#RecipeOfTheDay #GritsBar #Trending

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I am so excited to get started cooking! Holiday breakfast dishes are some of my favorites to make! This year’s trend in hosting a “breakfast bar”, is centered around, grits, yes, real, stone-ground grits. No instant mooshy grits here, just creamy and smooth, heavenly smellin grits :) This easy slow cooker recipe will change LIFE =) and how you make grits, forever! Ready? Get your ingredients and watch us tomorrow morning to see how beautiful my grits bar is!


Photo Courtesy of Stacy Fawcett

July 9th Is National Sugar Cookie Day!!!

Thank you Rachel Fawcett for this twist on the “regular” ‘ol sugar cookie! A great summertime cookie for the kids to practice baking. I make these when I want to make ice cream sandwiches…you will be addicted immediately. Foodie Tip: Try adding chocolate chips into the batter for a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich :)


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Beer Infused Pizza For The Big Game

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