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Stacy Fawcett’s Foodie Blog: Texas Caviar Black Eyed Peas

#RecipeOfTheDay #Texas Caviar


Chef Uno, Chino Chinatown

#RecipeOfTheDay #LiveLocalChef

Chicken and Dumplings Ya’ll


Our Friends at

Stacy Fawcett’s Foodie Blog: Breakfast Strata

Breakfast Strata #RecipeOfTheDay


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Stacy Fawcett’s Foodie Blog: Engagement Chicken Is On The Menu

Ladies! The Holidays are here and for those of you who are wanting your significant other to “Pop the Question” try this recipe and let us know if it works! This quick and delicious was […]


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Stacy Fawcett’s Foodie Blog: Sunday Brunch Breakfast Pizzas

Still have ThaStinksgiving left overs?? Here is a delicious idea to finish them!! yes, even stuffing and gravy are gooood! or make it a calzone :) BOTH are tasty!


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Stacy Fawcett’s Foodie Blog: Squash Casserole

This #Recipe will change your life! Plus a BONUS recipe for the best macaroni & lots of cheeeeese!


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Stacy Fawcett’s Foodie Blog: Macaroni & Lots Of Cheese

Check out Stacy Fawcett’s Latest Foodie Blog!


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Stacy Fawcett’s Foodie Blog: Slow Cooker Hawaiian Ribs

Oh we love a hot meal on a cold day! I am on a slow cooker roll right now with this chilly weather.


Jaclyn Bowen Carreon (Facebook Foodie/Listener)

It’s Soup Time!! Chicken Tortilla-less Soup

LOVE, love, loooove this time of year!! I am super excited about the Holidays this year thanks to our Tony Zazza, who was posting pictures of Christmas items he has put out early over the weekend. If he is putting up decorations early, then I can start holiday cooking early :) YAAAAAY!!!


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Stacy Fawcett’s Foodie Blog: It’s the PERFECT day for CHILI!!!

‘Tis the season for chili annnnd chili cook-offs! Julie Bologna shared her “Almost World Famous” Chili recipe and I shared my slow cooker version!




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