‘Progressive Skating And Gymnastics Spectacular’

Nastia Liukin Jumps In To Talk To Gene And Julie

Gene and Julie talked to Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin this morning about turning 21, Evan Lysacek, and the Progressive Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular. Hear what she had to say!


Gene And Julie’s Big Fat Liar For Today Was…

Truth or Lie: David Rancken grew up in a house where he was summoned by his mother with a butler’s bell! Let’s find out if David was today’s Big Fat Liar…


Gene And Julie’s Big Fat Liar For Today Was…

Truth or Lie: Gene is prohibited from yelling in the house… Julie will not allow it!  


Gene And Julie's Big Fat Liar For Today Was…

Truth or Lie: If Gene finds a spider in the house, he captures the spider in a cup and then takes it outside and releases it… He refuses to kill it! Let’s find out who […]



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