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Hilarious Flight Attendant Horror Stories!

What’s it like to serve Nicki Minaj on an airplane? These flight attendants are spilling the details on some of the craziest things they have seen in the air.


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What’s Hot: The Warbirds On Paradise Aviation History Event

The Warbirds on Paradise event at Lancaster Regional Airport is HOT! HERE is where it will be going down  

103.7 KVIL–08/28/2014

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Weird Stuff You Didn’t Know About Flying, From Airline Employees!

How does your baggage really get handled? Is it really necessary to turn your cell off? Why do the lights dim during night landings?


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Dream Expert Reveals Meaning Of Strange Dreams

Our resident dream expert, Damian Nordmann from the School of Metaphysics, came in to help us sift through our strange dreams and discover their meaning.


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The Mystery Of The Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

The mystery of the missing airplane has us all wondering what happened.


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Plane Crash Injures Julie’s Brother-In-Law

Julie’s brother-in-law was in a plane crash yesterday.


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Man Wakes Up To Empty Plane Cabin

A Louisiana man thought he was still dreaming when he woke up from a nap on a United Airlines flight. He quickly realized this was no ordinary dream, it was a living nightmare. Tom Wagner […]


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FAA Lightens Up On Electronic Device Restrictions On Flights

The FAA says we can use our electronic devices during the whole flight, gate to gate!


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Running Away As Kids

A 9-year-old sneaks his way onto a plane bound for Vegas inspired us to tell our stories of running away from home.


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Passenger Jet Has Near-Miss With UFO

A passenger jet and a UFO had a close call. Send in Mulder and Scully.




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