Pictures Of El Centro's Damage After Shooting Have Surfaced (Photos)Dallas Police Chief Joseph Hannigan led about 40 media members through a walkthrough of El Centro College, recreating the series of events of the shootings 12 days ago.
Snapchat Introducing "Memories," A New Way To Save All Your SnapsIt appears now that Snapchat is moving away from it's initial appeal, by introducing "Memories," a new feature that will allow users to save their snaps, both still shots and video, into a special folder that can be accessed within the app itself.
You Won't Recognize Ruby Rose In These Throw Back Pictures!This is crazy! She looks totally different!
The iPhone 7 May Not Come With Duel Lenses After AllFor Apple fans, this is just plain disappointing. It may even make you dump the iPhone altogether.
Download The Moments App Before Facebook Deletes Your Private PicsEverybody panic! Facebook is deleting your photos!
This Is The Funniest Picture Of When This Woman Realized Her Baby Girl Was Actually A Baby Boy
Women Send Their Boyfriends Pictures Of Wedding Dresses And Their Responses Are Awesome
Justin Bieber Is Refusing To Take Pictures With Fans Now!
Mom Asked Her Husband For Baby Updates And Got The Funniest Pictures In Return!
VIDEO: What Happens When a GoPro is Strapped to a Rocket
Beyoncé's Met Gala Dress Grossed People OutThe Met Gala fashion photos have blown up on the internet in the last few days, and have cause all kinds of reactions on the internet.
Amy Schumer Refuses To Take Pictures With Fans Because Of This Horrible Encounter

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