Here Is Where You Should Be Playing Pokémon Go In DFW!
New Refrigerator Will Send You A Picture So You Know What You Don't HaveThis is the coolest refrigerator EVER! OMG!
How to Safely Clean Your Smart PhoneThere’s a right and wrong way to clean an item we use dozens of times each day. Le phone! First off… no household cleaners like Windex. The chemicals can remove the phone’s ‘oleophobic’ coating, which is there to prevent smudge marks.
Texts You Never Want to Receive From a WomanHave you ever sent any of these? In this case, ‘tis better to send than to receive.
Teens Are Pranking Each Other In The Best Way Possible! We Have To Do This To Our Boss!
Cell Phones Ruined These 15 Things!
Watch These Drunk Airline Passengers Get Into A fight On The Plane!
Men's Cell Phones Are "Cooking" Their Sperm Making Them Infertile
This Picture Is Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Phone In The Bed!You have been warned! WOW!
You Can Use Your Phone To See What You Look Like With A Boob Job Now!Never thought this would happen!
There Is A Pregnancy Test You Can Take On Your Phone Coming Soon!
Americans Look At Our Phones Too Much – 8 Billion Times Per Day!A new study says the average person looks at their phone 46 times every day. Time Magazine did the math and it came to a collective 8 billion phone checks per day in the U.S.

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