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LOP BURI, THAILAND - FEBRUARY 21:  Pills are prepared for HIV/AIDS patients on February 21, 2015 at Wat Phra Bat Nam Phu in Lop Buri, Thailand. Since beginning to care for HIV/AIDS patients in 1992, Wat Phra Bat Nam Phu has taken in thousands of patients at little or no cost.  (Photo by Taylor Weidman/Getty Images)

Which A-Lister Is Reportedly Taking Adderall For Weight Loss?

Weight has always been a battle for her.


Photo by Yvan Dube/Getty Images

Personal Trainer Cat Will Get You In Shape

If you’re working hard to get your body in shape for summer swimsuits and need some motivation, this cat can whip you into shape. Personal Trainer Cat enjoys spotting humans doing pushups and motivating them […]