Picture taken on August 16, 2015 showing a macaw at the Autosafari Chapin open zoological park in the Guanagazapa municipality, Escuintla departament, 87 km south of Guatemala City. . AFP PHOTO Johan ORDONEZ        (Photo credit should read JOHAN ORDONEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

This Parrot Just Cussed Out A Dog And It Was Hilarious!!

Animals do the craziest things sometimes. Put parrots at the top of this list now. This parrot just cussed out this dog, and it was hilarious. Wonder where he learned that from?

103.7 KVIL–09/02/2015

[Photo GETTY/Keith Tsuji]

SheMail: “Boo-Boo” the Bird is Killing My Intimacy

DEAR JULIE… Hey Julie! This one is a lil out there but I have NO CLUE what to do… I recently started dating this guy Tim who is AWESOME! I have stayed at his place […]


A male foal Zebra (Equus quagga burchell

Man Aressted For Drunk Driving With A Zebra And Parrot

It’s not a joke. A man, a zebra and a parrot are in a truck. Jerald Reiter was arrested after failing a sobriety test after police were called to a bar where a man was […]


Photo from YouTube

VIDEO: Cockatoo Tries To Climb Kitten

Here’s another case of adorable and unlikely animal friends. This time, a cockatoo is attempting to climb on top of his cat friend. The cat seems to be a pretty good sport, but it’s not […]