Mom Parodies Taylor Swift Into Anthem For Overwhelmed ParentsThis is awesome. A mother's job can be tough, and one mother is explaining just how hard in a parody of Talyor Swift's 'Wildest Dreams'.
This STAAR Test Parody Video From A Denton Teacher Is AWESOME!!
Conan O'Brien Wears Hoodie, Mutters Answers in Cam Newton Parody (VIDEO)Someone had to do it. Cam’s catching lots of heat for one-word answers after losing the Super Bowl. Conan channeled his inner Cam last night.
NBA Spoofs Docu-Series With "Making A Maverick" (VIDEO)Starring our own Dirk Nowitzki!
This NYE Photo Has Taken The Internet By StormPeople are comparing it to fine art!
This Bruno Mars Parody from Annapolis Will Make Your Day! (VIDEO)How did they do this on zero budget? Awesome.
You Have To See This Remake Of A Selena Gomez Video!Daniel Tosh is my hero.
Tampon Parody Of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Is Bloody Magnificent
VIDEO: She's Got Even More Going On Than Stacy's Mom!At least a group called "Well-Strung" thinks so in their new parody.
VIDEO: Couple Announces Pregnancy With Fresh Prince Parody"I woke up in the morning 'bout seven or eight, and I thought to myself 'Oh man, I'm late!' "
Denton High School Teacher Does "Uptown Funk" Parody Called "STARR Test Funk"
You Have To See The Reason This Gay Couple Did A Meghan Trainor Parody

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