Study: More Millennials Live with Parents Than PartnersA new report shows that for the first time more young adults are living with their parents than any other living situation. At least the first time since 1880 when the Census Bureau started this type of recording keeping.
These 5 Hilarious Stories Prove Kids Were Born To Embarrass Their Parents!
Janet Jackson Pregnant With Her First Child 2 Weeks Shy of 50th BirthdayCongrats to the new parents! Now will it be a boy or girl?
People Reveal The Traumatizing Time They Caught Their Parents Getting It On
Lady Gaga's Family Had No Clue She Had Been Raped Until The OscarsThis is so sweet! We love her grandmother now!
Moms Post About Her Son's Chicken Nuggets Has Parents Everywhere Laughing!This is the greatest thing we have ever read.
School Bans Parents From Dropping Their Kids Off In Their Pajamas!And why can't they do this?
Here Are The Things Parents Told Us Growing Up That We Now Know Is Totally Weird!
Back to School: Questions to Ask Your Kid Besides "How Was Your Day?"Ah, the Monday after holidays. Back to work, back to school. Which is work. ;) Here are some conversation generating questions sure to elicit more than a “good” or “fine” response from children and teenagers when you ask about their day, courtesy of Parents magazine. After browsing these I’ve decided they’re good questions to ask anyone!
You Will Never Believe Why This 3-Year-Old Interrupted His Parents Wedding!
Dad Arrested Over Teen's Playboy Themed PartyYes, the epic Playboy-themed party this past weekend was hosted by an 18-year-old high schooler - who of course was found out because everyone posted pics to Instagram.
Life Can't Be Easy When Your Dad Is "The Sexiest Man Alive"

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