23 Olympic Athletes Just Tested Positive For Blood Doping! Will They Compete? Get The Cheating Details!Names and countries have not yet been publicly released or which countries and sports they represent. It goes to show, cheaters never prosper.
The Rio Olympics Just Ordered 450,000 Condoms
Caitlyn Jenner Posing Nude with Olympic Gold Medal and American Flag
Petition Want's Caitlyn Jenner's Olympic Gold Medal Revoked Because She Competed Against The Wrong Gender
Michael Phelps Busted Wearing Women's Underwear
BREAKING: Oscar Pistorius Found Not Guilty Of Murder; Still Faces Manslaughter Charge
Pick-A-Side Awkward Faces Of SochiWe picked out some awkward faces from the Sochi.. Now you pick the most awkward!
Viral Sochi Wolf Video Proves To Be Another Kimmel HoaxThe Sochi Wolf might be a hoax, but the wild animals in our neighborhoods are not.
Pick-A-Side: Men Of Figure SkatingIn a world where you're so hot even though you're on ice.. It's The Men of Figure Skating
Julie's Jabbers: Olympic Ice Dancers: So…ARE They? Don’t act like you haven’t wondered the same thing.
Ain't Nobody Got Time For Cancelled FlightsIt's a special Tuesday edition of our favorite gripe fest that we call Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!
Pick The Hottest Male Athlete From SochiWe picked out the best looking Male Athletes from the Sochi Olympics. We need your help to pick the hottest.

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