Man Says The Key To Living To 107 Was Drinking 4 Bottles Of Wine A Day!Now this is some health advice we can get down with! Love it!
80-Year-Old Woman Finally Finds Biological Mother, Age 96What a beautiful, unbelievable story. A New York woman has reunited with her long-lost birth mother after more than 82 years and it was captured on video.
These Teens Trying To Figure Out How To Use A Walkman Will Make You Feel Bad!Remember carrying one of these around back in the day?
These 4 Habits Are Making You Look WAY Older Than You Are!
A 13-Year-Old Invented A Way To Keep People From Driving Drunk Or High
Here Is A Look At The First 50-Year-Old "Bond Girl"
These 30 Things Will Make You Feel Really Old! WOW, Time Flies!
This Woman Was Kicked Out Of KFC For Breast Feeding Her 42 Year Old Son.
This Mom Is Proudly Breast Feeding Her 6-Year-Old Daughter
4-Year-Old Boards A Bus Alone At 3 A.M. Because She Had A Craving
Is Madonna "Too Old" To Make Good Music?
VIDEO: Old Men Hilariously Cover "Uptown Funk!"You get a really well produced cover, dancing old guys, a little comedy, a wheelchair, and some funk street cred in this hilarious video!

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