Woman Finds Vulgar Note On Her Dominoes Receipt! TWICE!
Woman Leaves Neighbors A Note Saying Their "Children Look Delicious"
Rob Kardashian Sent A Touching Message Of Support To Lamar!
Diners Leave Nasty Note For Mom With Screaming Baby After Dinner
Mom Fed Up With Her Son's Behavior Writes Him A Shocking Note
Mom Leaves The Hospital With Sick Baby, Finds Note On Her Car That Left Her Speechless
REPORT: Samsung To Launch 3-Sided Smart Phone!Is this enough to make you move from Apple to Android?
11-Year Old Boy's Hilarious Response To Crush Goes Viral!An 11-year-old boy's super-serious response to his crush's letter has gone viral.
Read The Hilarious Eulogy Melissa Rivers Read At Joan Rivers' FuneralMom: I received the note that you slipped under my bedroom door last night.
A Cute Note Passed Between KidsThis has got to be the cutest note passed between kids!
Boy Writes Cutest Note To Girl In ClassThis has got to be the cutest note passed between kids!
Fridge Notes And Creepy CoworkersThis morning, we came upon a mess and a note in the office kitchen, so we thought we'd share the things our coworkers do that annoy us.

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