Nicolas Cage

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Nicolas Cage On Being A Vampire

Nicolas Cage released a new movie over the weekend, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, while promoting it someone asked him if he was a vampire. Mr. Cage’s response may surprise you.


Nicolas Cage Bailed Out By Dog The Bounty Hunter

Whaaaaa?  Yeah, you read it right.  Duane, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Chapman posted the $11,000 bond to get Nicolas Cage out of the clink in New Orleans after Nic was arrested for domestic abuse and disturbing […]


Steve Kemble Tells The Latest On Sakira And Nicolas Cage

Steve Kemble has the details on Shakira’s fabulous diamond ring stolen off her hand while performing in a concert in Mexico.


Actor Nicolas Cage Arrested In New Orleans

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage has been arrested in New Orleans after a drunken argument with his wife outside a residence in the French Quarter.


The Nicolas Cage Terror Threat Level

Nicolas Cage is known for basically taking any role in a movie. There are some great films to his name, Leaving Las Vegas, and some films I’m sure he would rather forget that he did: […]