Cam Newton's New Commercial for Super Bowl 50This is really legit. I'm so hyped for the Super Bowl
A-List Celebs Set To Appear In Super Bowl CommercialsThey must be earning a pretty penny!
NFL Players Styling Their Daughters Hair Is The Most Adorable Thing You Will See This Week!You have to see Jason Witten do his daughters hair!
Super Bowl Betting Extremely 'One-Sided;' Panthers Clear FavoritesAccording to ESPN, over 80% of the early getting money is on the Carolina Panthers in next weekend’s Super Bowl. Vegas experts say it’s the most one-sided betting they’ve ever seen.
NFL Hires First Female CoachAnd it only took 96 years!
Vikings Coach Bud Grant Wears Short Sleeves in Sub-Zero WeatherTalk about tough!
Cowboys 2016 Opponents Already AnnouncedThe NFL has released who’s playing who next fall.
Controversial Plays Force NFL To Review 'Catch' Rules -- Again!More teams have suffered from the NFL’s crazy, subjective catch rules this season – Patriots and Raiders the latest victims. We have Dez Bryant’s famous CATCH (rules non-catch) last year vs. Green Bay to thank, in part, for this welcomed news…
Olivia Munn Is Supposedly Ruining The Green Bay PackersDo you agree?
The Teams 'America' Wants to Win the Super Bowl‘America’s Team’ placed third in this survey of who America wants to win the Super Bowl. Not bad! Noticeably absent: the Patriots. (lol) Besides the ‘Boys, for whom do you root?
New Front-Runner For Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show
NFL Man Parts Accidentally Featured On Live TV! (NSFW)

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