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You Will Never Believe These Celebrities Real Names!

Do you know who Katheryn Hudson is? What about Margret Hyra? Bet you don’t know who Caryn Johnson is. Well everyone of these are A list celebrities. You will never believe some of these celebrities […]

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Most Popular Baby Names…For Hipsters.

Do you like any of these?



Wedding Name Combos So Bad They Might Want To Call The Whole Thing Off

This list almost made us cry. There are so many of these we couldn’t even read on air. Some of our favorites were Long-Wiwi, Drinkwine-Layer, and Aikin-Johnson. If you are ready to laugh, click HERE!!!

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Redruth Child Curfew Plan Begins

If Your Kid Is Named ______, He’s Probably A Brat.

So depending on whether you use the name “Jamie” for a boy or girl, it could be either good or bad.


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20 Children’s Names of the Future

There are some pretty common names (and others that are NOT) on the list. Did you or your kid’s name make the list? Read the full article HERE


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Watch Out For Girls Named This…

A new report warns men to look out for women based solely on their first names. The survey claims women with the following monikers are more likely to be gold diggers: Jennifer Jessica Michelle Lisa Ashley […]


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Ridiculous Pet Names For Grown Ups

We’ve all got nicknames that we don’t really like or border on the strange, but Tony came across an adult whose prefered nickname is a little strange.


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Weather Channel Names The Winter Storm “Cleon”…Really?

  Hurricanes get names, that I get. Hurricanes are a very organized, very destructive, big-deal. A winter storm? That is kind of just…really inconvenient. But, The Weather Channel has taken it upon themselves to name […]


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Zazza & Julie Leave Their Mark On Snow Day

We’re leaving our mark on this wintery weather. Check out the picture of John’s snow art!


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The Most Hated Baby Names

If you’ve recently had a baby, are expecting or just have your future kids name locked down, you might want to hold off looking at this list. We don’t want to change your mind, we […]