(Photo by Stockton Police Department via Getty Images)

PHOTOS: Meet The Female Version Of “Hot Convict”

They would have the cutest lil convict kiddos!


(Photo by Stockton Police Department via Getty Images)

Handsome Felon Back In Prison!

Convicted felon Jeremy Meeks whose mug shot almost made him a star last summer has blown his chances of a new life for at least for two or more years to come. Meeks, was sentenced to […]

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Mugshot Greatness: Woman Loves Throwing Bricks Through Family’s Windows

Let’s be honest, the reason you clicked this was to see the amazing mugshot. This Maryland woman was arrested for throwing bricks through her father-in-law’s window. But seriously, you have to see her mugshot.   […]

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Mugshot Hottie has Tattoo Removal Offers

Jeremy Meeks, aka Dreamy McMug, has an offer from LaserAway for a free laser tattoo removal says it will also pony up $20K toward his $900,000 bail. Reports have already come out that modeling agencies are […]

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Sexy Felon’s Wife Is P***ed Off!

“She’s furious. Her man is in there and people are taking it as a joke, thinking it’s funny talking about his looks, saying all kinds of crazy things.”



The Hottest Mugshot Ever?

The internet is going insane over this mugshot of a 6-time felon in California. Many are calling this the hottest mugshot of all time and are AMAZED that he isn’t a model. Instead, he has […]

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Nic Cage, Best Celebrity Mugshot Ever?

When it comes to celebrity mugshots, there have been some funny ones, but for some reason, this one just cracks me up every time I look at it. It just screams “I came, I saw, […]


Photo: Jaime Pressly’s DUI Mug Shot

Jaime Pressly must have been really tired when she posed for her booking photo after a being pulled over on suspicion of being under the influence late Wednesday night. Santa Monica police say Pressly committed […]