Hockey Fan Makes Impossible Shot; Wins $100,000 (VIDEO)Have you ever heard of the Orlando Solar Bears? Me neither, but what a great mascot! Watch this hockey fan make the equivalent of a hole in one at intermission. There was only one four-inch hole the three-inch puck could slide into, and…
Your Netflix Bill Is About To Go Up And Most People Have No Clue!
Waitress Writes Open Letter To Customer Who Left Her A $0 Tip And It's Gone Viral
This Woman Paid $58,000 To Look Like Her Daughter's Twin!
Blake Shelton Is Suing InTouch Magazine For $2 Million
Henry Cavill Admits He's Not Acting Just For The Art; Says "The Money's Fantastic"Henry Cavill has just admitted that, like for most of us, money talks! Sure he likes the art or acting, but the money is is favorite part.
Looking For A New Job? You Could Be A Professional Tortoise Walker And The Pay Isn't Bad Either!
Uber Drivers Are Ripping People Off! Don't Let This Happen To You!
Netflix Is Going To Pay You A Lot Of Money To Instagram For Them!This would be an awesome job!
Johnson & Johnson Is Paying This Woman $72 Million After She Said Baby Powder Gave Her Cancer
Hackers Could Be Targeting Your Netflix Account!Why can't they just leave us alone?
Kanye West Just Asked Mark Zuckerberg For $1 Billion! No Seriously He Did!Why the heck Does Kanye think he would give him $1 billion?

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