These $9,000 Headphones Sold Out In Hours!Who has an extra $9,000 for headphones?
This Woman Actually Got Paid To Be A Bridesmaid!This is crazy! Why would someone pay to be in their wedding!
Viral Powerball Meme Has Some Really, Really, Really Bad Math!Have you seen this meme floating around social media? It's gone viral!
Man Dies While Trying To Blow Up A Condom Vending Machine!
Nearly $1 Trillion Has Been Spent Trying To Rescue Matt DamonWith movies like 'Saving Private Ryan', 'Green Zone', and 'The Martian' under his belt, Matt Damon has played the "damsel in distress" many times in his career. But just how much money has been spent trying to rescue him?
Ahmed The Boy Who Was Arrested For Bringing A Clock To School Now Wants $15 Million!
Pennies Are Expensive To MakeWhen was the last time you found a use for the smallest currency we have, the penny?
This Centerville Ohio Waitress Writes Open Letter To Newlywed Who Refuses To Leave Tip!
Homeless Father Featured in Video Receives Over $34k In DonationsSuch a beautiful story – a homeless man in Denver interviewed by philanthropist Leon Logothetis for a #GoBeKind video that goes viral ends up receiving thousands of dollars in donations. $34,000+!
Photos Of Lamar Odom Passed Out At The Brothel Surface!
Can You Guess How Much Money Taylor Swift Makes Everyday?
Blake Shelton Furious Suing In Touch Weekly Magazine For $1 Million

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