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Canadian Radio Station Burns $5,000

Oh that was funny ehh!? Not so much…


Imagine Dragons Rank No. 31 (Courtesy Interscope Records)

Breaking Down Music’s Top 40 Money Makers: The Richest, The Youngest, The Boy Band-iest

It’s easy to forget that most of those songs that make you dance and cry and laugh and love are written by filthy rich, savvy business people.


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The 5 Highest Paying Jobs That Won’t Go Away

According to a Yahoo! article, there are 5 high paying jobs that are on the rise. The following jobs have a percentage growth that started in 2012 and projects until 2022. Let’s run down the list below:


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Kids And Their Cash

Julie’s daughters freaking out about spending money at the mall led us to discuss kids and their cash.



Companies Are Paying More For Top Employees

If you’re a real pro in your profession, Mashable is reporting that over 60% of companies are now willing to pay more, to keep you! Plus, over 50% of companies plan to hire this year […]


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Find Out What Your Twitter Is Worth

How much is your Twitter worth? We calculated the value of celebrity Twitters and then our own. Check out the values we got!


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Should You Have To Pay To Attend A Wedding?

In a text exchange with one of her friends, the bride basically accuses said friend of mooching when a cash gift was not given. SERIOUSLY!?


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The New $100 Bill Has More Colors & 3-D

The $100 bill is changing, Find out exactly what is changing here.


She Mail - Feature Image

She Mail: Woman Seeks Help After Loaning Money To Friend

Julie gives advice to a woman who loaned some money to help a friend’s family but now feels burdened after family won’t pay her back.


lady gaga

Lady Gaga, Beyonce Top Forbes’ 2013 ‘Most Powerful Musicians’ List

The diverse list of musicians is packed with pop stars, classic rockers and R&B starlets, but it’s Lady Gaga who looms the largest on the power list, despite cutting her most recent tour short.





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