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Ain’t Nobody For Skate Parties During The Cowboy Game

It’s Monday. We’re unloading our frustrations from the weekend! Time for Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!


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Bad Uncle Tony Teaches Niece How To Twerk

Tony is a bad uncle. He taught his 5-year-old niece how to twerk.



Julie’s Jabber: You Awake?

I never get enough sleep, and it’s not just because I have kids or because my job requires me to get up at 4am everyday. I wake up when the kids, the alarm clock and […]


2012 Winter TCA Tour - Day 4

15 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother

Ladies, eventually all of us will turn into our mothers. For some of us that might be a good thing, for others… Panic ensues. After some extensive research (not really), and a few “holy moly’s […]


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Mama Drama: Tony’s Mom Sends A “Rider” Ahead Of Trip

Tony’s mom is already causing drama, and she’s not here yet!


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Tony’s Mom Is Coming To Visit

Tony’s mom is coming to visit. Prepare yourself.


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She Mail: Mom Planning “No Kids Allowed” Vegas Wedding

Julie helps a woman upset that her mother is planning a wedding in Vegas where no kids will be welcome.


Spike TV's "Guys Choice 2013" - Red Carpet

Julie’s Jabber: Calling B.S. on the “Fabulous Mom” Trend

I’ve noticed a new, unsettling trend that I need to address. It’s the idea of “Fabulous Moms,” who have multiple kids and a career and still look fantastically well rested all the time. Lately, I […]


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She Mail – Finding Out Family News On Facebook

Julie gives advice to a woman upset that she found out about her father’s surgery through Facebook.


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Woman Confesses Egg Prank To Mom

Just in time for Mother’s Day, this morning listener Toni dropped the bomb on her mom Betty about a prank she pulled with friends.