Public makeout? Probably not acceptable or chivalrous, actually. Image provided by GettyImages

Stevie’s Soapbox: Is Chivalry Dead?

I’ve heard arguments on both sides, from the optimists who believe in the age of gentle-back-of-the-hand kisses to the pessimists who have been told never to self-righteously hold a door for a woman again. For […]

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This Is What It Looks Like When Men Pole Dance For The First Time!

I came across this video floating around and it is hilarious. These guys are good sports. Is it bad that I kind of want to take a pole dancing class now? If I’m going to […]

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ManServants! Ladies, Would You Pay For This Service?

So I found a company called ManServants, this is not a joke the company actually exists. They are based out of San Francisco, and you can rent a man for the day to do whatever […]

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Ever Wondered What Kristen Stewart & Anne Hathaway Would Look Like As Men? They Dress Up Like Them In This New Music Video

A new music video from Jenny Lewis called “Just One Of The Guys” has Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway dressing up like men. They make cute guys, in a dorky lets just be friends kind […]


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Study Shows Women Are Ruder Drivers

Study finds that women are more likely to be rude drivers than men.


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Men Who Are More High-Maintenance Than Women

Women are throwing their men under the bus for being more high-maintenance than they are.


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Women Pay More For Certain Items And Services Than Men

Women are getting an unfair overcharge over men for comparable products and services. Check out where women take a hit in the pocketbook!


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Pick-A-Side: Men Of Figure Skating

In a world where you’re so hot even though you’re on ice.. It’s The Men of Figure Skating


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Study Shows Women Are Ruder Behind The Wheel

Study finds that women are more likely to be rude drivers than men.





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