Memorial Day

Recessionista Recipes: 5 Cheap & Tasty Memorial Day Salads

Hearkening the beginning of summer, Memorial Day weekend is full of sunshine, pool parties, and tasty, tasty barbecue. Juicy meat straight off the grill; chips and dip; sugary margaritas. Not exactly the most nutritious options […]


Fashionista Friday: Fun American Flag Fashion Perfect For Memorial Day

Show off your patriotism this Memorial Day weekend (and for 4th of July) with a little funky fashionista panache. Whether you want to represent the United States from head-to-toe or just have a dash of […]


Gas Saving Tips For Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! Many will be traveling through the air, on the ground, running back and forth to the grocery store for grilling goods and to the beverage store to keep us […]


A Memorial Day Fave!

  I love Memorial Day weekend. For me it officially kicks off Summer and the outdoor socializing season. One of my all time favorite treats for this weekend is actually an amazing Chilean recipe. If […]


Leigh Ann’s Sex And The City 2 cocktails for the Memorial Day Weekend

For the upcoming movie Sex And The City 2, a special cocktail has been created for each main character. Check out the 5 fantastic drinks!


Fun Memorial Day Events around DFW!

I love Memorial Day Weekend for a number of reasons…