Ashley Olsen and her sister Mary Kate Olsen [photo processed]. Image by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Ashley Olsen’s Ongoing Battle With Lyme Disease- Getting Worse?

You know that everyone here at 1037 is working hard to stay on top of the latest, hottest, juiciest celebrity news. Most of the time, we have fun breaking scandals, celebrating the best of DFW and finding […]


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Bacon May Actually Be A Medical Tool!

So, not only is bacon the most delightful and delicious, yummy, meaty treat there is…but it also may have medical uses!


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New Blood Test Said To Predict Death

A blood test could tell you how you’ll die. Would you want to know?


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Make Getting The Flu Shot A Priority

A local ER doctor tells why it’s more important than ever to get vaccinated for the flu.


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Why You Should Get The Flu Shot

This flu season is reported to be the hardest in a decade. If you’ve been avoiding getting the flu shot, this will make you reconsider.