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Stacy Fawcett’s Foodie Blog: Meat Church Y’all!

“Our BBQ is so good, it’s like a religious experience in your mouth.”


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The Joys Of Live TV: Restaurant Owner Wants To Put His Meat In Reporter’s Mouth

There’s no denying that this guy TOTALLY knew what he was doing. When a television reporter in Kansas City was interviewing a burger restaurant owner, he slyly dropped the line of the century: “Courtney, I […]

103.7 KVIL–10/14/2014

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Hot Pockets Recalled For Bad Meat

There’s a recall out for popular snack food, Hot Pockets.


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Restaurant Serves Kangaroo Burger

Many people might see it on the menu and shy away from it, but a New York City restaurant is thriving selling Kangaroo meat burgers, sliders and steaks. is reporting that The Thirsty Koala […]



Mail-Order Meat: Top 10 Meat Fixes We Are Going Postal For (Literally) On The 4th

Vegans beware! This post will have practically every red-blooded carnivorous American man salivating at his desk at work. With barbecue season in full swing and Independence Day coming up next Monday, we’ve decided to make […]


Bruce Willis Joins The Meat Fashion Trend

[lastfm]Bruce Willis[/lastfm] shows off his new hair piece on The Late Show with David Letterman.