A New Study Claims Chipotle Is Worse For You Than McDonalds!
Blind Man Sues McDonald's For Refusing To Serve Him At The Drive-ThruMcDonald's is in a bit of hot water, after refusing to serve a blind man who walked up to the drive-thru and wanted service during late night hours when only the drive-thru is open.
Will McDonald's Use Fresh Beef In Their Burgers? It's Up to Dallas!
WHAT?! McDonald's To Change McNugget FormulaMcDonald's has decided it's time to update the McNugget recipe. Hope they don't mess it up!
This Guy Filled His Water Cup With Soda At McDonald's And Now Faces Charges!
McDonald's Testing New "Grand Mac" and "Mac Jr." In DallasLast week, McDonald's held it's bi-annual convention with franchisees in Florida to go over plans to revitalize the brand.
McDonald's Will Offer All-You-Can-Eat Fries
What You Should Never Order At Fast Food RestaurantsA recent thread on Reddit asked fast food workers to reveal what items you should never order on their restaurants menu.
The McFlurry McDonald's Is Adding Will Blow Your Mind!This is going to be amazing!
People Are So Upset That McDonald's Removed The Big Breakfast From The Menu
Man Eats At 46 McDonald's In One Day!He said he couldn't walk the next day.
Picture Of A Six Year Old McDonald's Happy Meal That's Unspoiled Is Going ViralJennifer Lovdahl, a chiropractor from Alaska, posted to Facebook a photo showing a McDonald’s Happy Meal box with receipt from Jan. 8, 2010, and another showing unspoiled chicken nuggets and fries.

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