Married Co-Hosts

Gene & Julie’s Relationship Reportcard

Gene rarely gives Julie an A, but she receives an A+ this week for giving him a wonderful Father’s Day gift, a trip for just the two of them to Las Vegas!


Gene & Julie’s Relationship Reportcard

Gene receives an A for being so helpful and caring when his daughter’s first pet died. Julie gets a “good grade” score for being awesome?


Gene & Julie’s Relationship Reportcard

Gene was socially awkward this past weekend, but redeemed himself by complimenting Julie’s lovely look Friday night and making delicious paella. Julie was described by Gene as being “bodacious” and for planning all of their daughter’s summer camps. 


Gene & Julie’s Big Fat Liar Today Is…

Truth or Lie: Do Gene & Julie use a pencil to end all their arguments? Play Big Fat Liar this week and win tickets too see Maroon 5 & Train at the Gexa Engery Pavillion!


Gene & Julie’s Relationship Reportcard

Gene receives a B this week for his bad grocery store behavior, but redeeming himself by cleaning out the hamster cage. Julie gets a C for turning Gene into a bird-watching enthusiast.


Gene & Julie’s Relationship Reportcard

This was a great week for the Relationship Reportcard! Gene a had a bumpy start to Mother’s Day, but redeems himself and gets an A. Julie also gets an A+ for being an amazing mother.


Gene & Julie’s Relationship Reportcard

Gene gets an A for making his daughter’s play-date so much fun, but Julie receives a B for her recent Twilight series obsession.


Gene & Julie’s Relationship Reportcard

Gene receives a B+ for reminding Julie to play and have fun, while Julie gets a D for not trying hard enough to get a good grade in the Relationship Reportcard.


Gene & Julie’s Relationship Reportcard

Julie receives (what may be the first ever) A+ for not questioning Gene’s bachelor night festivities.


Gene & Julie’s Relationship Reportcard

Gene  gets a D this week for using Craigslist again, and Julie receives a B- for trying to be organized.