Secret Service Shoot Man With Gun Outside White House
Man Sues Company for Being Bored to Death at WorkAmericans aren’t the only ones with unusual lawsuits, i.e. Starbucks iced drinks. A 44-year-old man working at a perfume company in Paris says his four year job was so boring, it caused depression. Frederic Desnard worked there from 2010 until being laid off in 2014. He says they didn’t give him anything to do. That he was “shoved in a back room” after the company lost a big contract and needed to restructure.
Man Claims He Had Consensual Sex With A Dolphin And There Is A Movie About It
Watch This Weather Man Make A Painfully Awkward Joke Live On The Air!Why did he think this was okay?
Man Eats At 46 McDonald's In One Day!He said he couldn't walk the next day.
Man Didn't Come To Work For Six Years And No One Noticed!How did no one notice? This is crazy!
Man Says He Lost His Ring Inside His Wife! WOW!
Man Says The Key To Living To 107 Was Drinking 4 Bottles Of Wine A Day!Now this is some health advice we can get down with! Love it!
This Guy Just Snuck His Best Friend Into A Movie By Stuffing Him In His Pants!No seriously, he did! LOL
Man Dies In Car Accident After Watching Porn On His Phone!Poor guy!
Jamie Foxx Pulls A Man Out Of Burning Car!
Man Walks In On His Wife Cheating On Him And Is Awkwardly Calm About It!

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