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Sweet Tooth? 'Cake Cleanse' Diet Allows 3 (Healthy) Desserts A DayThe idea definitely makes sense. A feeling of deprivation is a major reason that diets fail! 40-year-old Deborah Schipper of Sydney says she came up with the diet since she couldn't lose weight. Quote, "because I love sweets and I knew I could never give them up."
Wanna Lose Ten Pounds by the Holidays? Drink A Glass of Water Before Every MealCould it be that simple? Researchers in England say yes.
Exercise Alone Won't Shed PoundsOf course exercise improves your well-being and strength, but exercise also causes you to eat more.
Dachshund Gets Over Weight On Pizza, Then Loses A Ton Of Weight On Diet
The New Diet Pill That Works? Makes You Feel Full and Tricks Your Body Into Burning Fat
The 2015 Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions
Just How Do You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions?
Khloe's Diet; Use ‘Windex-Like’ Cleaner ‘Sprays It’ On Food!
Leigh Ann: Have You Ever Heard Of The Banana Diet?I've pretty much tried every diet under the sun from the cabbage soup diet to the master cleanse diet. Some work, some not so much.
Woman Injests Tapeworm To Lose WeightWoman thought that a tapeworm would be a great idea to lose weight. She ended up freaking out her doctor and the state health department.
Biggest Loser's Bob Harper Talks About New Book That Will Help You Kickstart Your Bikini BodThe Biggest Loser's Bob Harper chatted with us about his new book, Jumpstart To Skinny. Just in time for us to get ready for swimsuit season.
New Fad Diet: Woman Claims She Lost Nearly 80 Pounds On The "Starbucks Diet" Christine Hall recently lost 80 pounds. What's her secret? Almost everything she consumed could be bought at Starbucks.

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