Lite’s Review Room

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Lite’s Movie Review Room

Our queen of the Silver Screen Julie Fisk is bringing you two movies to contemplate for the weekend. A romance with Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg or a musical with Jordin Sparks? See what our member of the DFW Film Critics association has to say about each of these films.


"The Bourne Legacy" New York Premiere - Inside Arrivals

Lite’s Movie Review Room

Whether you’re a Jason Bourne fan or not the intriguing idea of continuing the series of very successful Matt Damon movies will be bringing movie goers to the theater this weekend. But is it worth your time? Our Queen of the Silver Screen Julie Fisk has that answer for you.


Dark Knight Rises

Lite’s Movie Review Room

We’ve been waiting for it since ‘The Dark Knight’ credits rolled and finally the third installment of the latest Batman series is here. Opening Friday the Dark Knight Rises was taken in by Julie Fisk, our Queen of the Silver Screen and member of the DFW Film Critics Association.


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Lite’s Review Room – Karmin

Although the duo “Karmin” might seem new to many; their music may be familiar.  In fact, it was used in last year’s promos for the 2011 NBA Finals (won by the Dallas Mavericks for those with short memories).


Opening Night Of "Rock Of Ages" At The Pantages Theatre - Red Carpet

Lite’s Review Room – ‘Rock Of Ages’

Get your hairspray out and your ripped jeans, because this week we’re heading back in time for wall of sound from the 1980’s!


PROM-004 - Charlize Theron and Idris Elba on the bridge of the ship Prometheus.

Lite’s Review Room – “Prometheus” & “Madagascar 3”

Nothing says double feature like the origins of human life and crazy talking zoo animals!   Our Queen of the Silver Screen, Julie Fisk, took in a double feature of some new movies coming out this […]


Screening Of Universal Pictures' "Snow White And The Huntsman"

Lite’s Review Room: Snow White & The Huntsman And Moonrise Kingdom

It’s a double feature weekend from our Queen of the Silver Screen, Julie Fisk, saw two movies she would like to share with you this week.


Photo Call For Columbia Pictures' "Men In Black 3"

Lite’s Review Room: Men In Black III

The MIB is back! No new song for this one from Will Smith, but 10 years after the latest and 15 years after the original the Men In Black are back.


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Lite’s Review Room: “Dark Shadows

This weekend Johnny Depp has a new moving coming out. Yeah we’re in already, but what did our Queen of the Silver Screen Julie Fisk think of the new flick?


(L to R) Australian actor Chris Hemswort

Lite’s Review Room: The Avengers

It’s a super weekend to head to the theater and watch a super hero movie. Our very own super-hero Julie Fisk saw the latest super hero flick that hits theaters at Midnight Thursday.