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Parents At Lindsay Lohan’s Community Service Pre-School Sent Warning Letter

Of course, what is the likelihood that she completes all of her community service in time to avoid prison? We shall see.


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Lindsay Lohan To Perform Community Service…At A Pre-School. Huh?

Presumably, her rep was being serious.


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Lindsay Lohan Embarrasses Herself On Instagram

Another day, another Lindsay Lohan flub. Lindsay seems to really be into Instagram as of late and it seems like Instagram is the only thing keeping her in the headlines these days. If you recall, […]

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Lindsay Lohan Instagram’s the N-Word And Quickly Deletes It

Lindsay Lohan went to see Kanye West perform Tuesday night as part of Paris Fashion Week. She posted a photo of Kanye onstage that included the caption, “#kanye&kimAlldayni–a$.” Lindsay deleted the corresponding tweet and edited […]

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(How are these crazy birds not on the list?)

Top 13 Hottest Mess Couples Of All-Time

How are these crazy birds not on the list?


Linsday Lohan

Lindsay Lohan And Mother Sue Fox News: We Never Did Coke Together!

Lindsay Lohan should make a movie about all the courtroom drama in her life. Whilst she is still facing jail time for a probation violation (failing her “community service” requirements)…. She’s also been accused of […]

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Lindsay Lohan, Prosecutor Says BS… Recommending Jail

Lindsay Lohan could be on her way back to jail for doing BS community service instead of the community service the court expected. Law enforcement sources have told TMZ, that prosecutor Terry White is furious […]

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Lindsay Lohan Fails Community Service – Possible Jail Again!

Lindsay Lohan’s recent hospitalization in London may be part of an effort to avoid going back to jail. Her lawyer goes to court next week to announce her client has failed A SECOND TIME to […]

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