(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Lindsay Lohan Volunteers To Stay In Rehab Longer

Lindsay Lohan wants to stay in rehab longer. She’s also looking to dump some toxic friendships. Check out LiLo’s new leaf!


Lindsay Lohan Denied Bail, Going To Jail

Lohan is back in custody and is being held without bail. Lindsay failed two drug tests. As it was suspected the judge would set bail and give her a sentence her on the full trial […]


Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab And Selling Out A New Look

[lastfm]LiLo[/lastfm] is seen sporting Ray-Bans sunglasses, carrying a Birkin bag and drinking RockStar energy drink in the very first photo seen since her time jail. What is she trying to say?


Lohan’s Future on Hold

Lindsay Lohan’s future includes a new fashion line, two new movies, some time in jail and another stint in rehab.