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Paper Magazine Speaks Out On The Kim Kardashian Photo Shoot

Paper Magazine has sounded off on the photoshopping of Kim Kardashians photo. They said of course they photoshopped the picture. You will never guess what they photoshopped though. You have to see their response HERE!!!

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What Is Harry Styles Take On Dating Men??

In a recent interview they asked Harry Styles his take on dating men. His response to the question was “Don’t knock it till you try it.” Does this mean he wants to date men? Or […]

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Solange Under Attack From Her Own Face! This Isn’t What You Need On Your Wedding Day

Beyoncés sister Solange got married over the weekend. And all was awesome, until after the reception. Apparently, she had an allergic reaction to some food at the reception. It took over her face, and looks […]

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Kim Kardashians Butt Now In Edible Form

As if the coffee maker wasn’t enough, there is now a Kim Kardashian butt pop. You can now buy cake pop’s, that are shaped like the Kim photo. I won’t be eating one of these […]

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Taylor Swift Lip-Syncing Taylor Swift In The Car Is The Best Thing You Will See All Day

This video went up a couple days ago and already has almost 3 million hits. We can see why, it’s so much fun. How can you not love Taylor Swift. Between what she does for […]

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Are The Osbournes Getting A Show Again?

It looks like the Osbournes are set to get their show back. VH1 has picked them up to air soon. We just want to know if we will be able to understand Ozzie this go […]

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Taylor Swift (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift Almost Looks Unrecognizable In New Magazine Cover

We are all used to the pale complexion, and pencil thin eye brows of Taylor Swift. Well she ditches all of that in her new cover photo for Wonderland Magazine. I present to you the tan, […]

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VIDEO: Have You Seen This Sexy Fifty Shades Trailer?

The new “50 Shades Of Grey” trailer is awesome. We are so excited about the movie. There is also a sexy poster…… See it HERE!!!

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What Did Robert Pattinson Do To His Hair? And Why?

What Robert Pattinson did to his hair might be the biggest mystery of 2014. We have seen a lot of hair-do’s but this is on a whole different level. See the photo HERE!!

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You Will Never Believe What This Family Found On Their Porch! Spoiler Alert, It’s A Male Body Part!

The New Mexico police are looking for a man who is missing his “Man Member” The family walked out of their front door and found it sitting on the porch. They promptly called the police. […]

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