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Uber Driver Takes Passed Out Women On Expensive Joy Ride

If we can learn anything from this story, it’s don’t fall asleep in an Uber car. This women left a Christmas Party and called Uber to get her home. She only lived 5 miles from […]

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Mystery Of Belly Button Lint Solved

Have you ever wondered where belly button lint comes from?? If you have you’re in luck, this scientist has solved it. It might not be exactly what you expected either. See the full story HERE!!

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Scott Stapp Has Had A Mental Break. . . He Is Out To Kill Obama

Scott Stapp the lead singer for Creed has had a mental break. He was riding his bike around the neighborhood talking about killing Obama. Of course when the cops got there, he said his wife […]

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Victoria Secret Models Without Makeup Will Shock You

We found this article about Victoria Secret models without makeup on. I’m going out on a limb and saying a couple of these ladies aren’t naturally beautiful. Makeup does wonders, Wow! See the photos HERE!!!

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Harry Styles Comforts Hysterical Fan, Sounds Like Something Out Of A Love Story

A Harry Styles fan had a panic attack the day before meeting her idol, and she recorded the whole thing on Vine. When the big day came, she couldn’t hold it together either. When he […]

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It’s Official: America Likes Butts More Than Breasts-Even Texas

A new study shows that the United States loves butts more than they do breasts. The study basically shows that everyone except Russia and Australia love butts. It’s an interesting study, and considering that butts […]

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NASA Does Meghan Trainor Parody With “All About That Space”

The geniuses at NASA put their heads together and made a parody to “All About That Bass.” They named theirs “All About That Space” and it is pretty cute. Hope you enjoyed the video as […]

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This Artist Painted The Kim Kardashian Butt Photo With His “Man Part”

This artist is claiming that he recreated the Kim Kardashian magazine cover, by painting with only his penis. You have to see this photo. It actually looks really good. I feel awkward saying that, but […]

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Ariana Grande Diva Requests Are Out Of Control

We have all heard about Ariana Grande’s diva requests recently. She took it to a whole new level the other day. She requested that she be carried places when she is tired. I mean, I […]

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Lorde And Lana Del Rey Will Compete For A Golden Globe

Lorde and Lana Del Rey have both done songs for movies recently, and they are both up for a Golden Globe Award. Lorde did the Hunger Games movie song, and the movie Lana sang for […]

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