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Targets New Plus Size Collection Will Blow Your Mind

Target is about to put out a plus sized collection soon. The clothes look awesome. They are going to release the whole collection soon. Check them out HERE!!

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Bruce Jenner Will Address Changing Appearance In New Season

Let’s be real, things are changing with Bruce Jenner’s appearance. A recent photo of him with make-up on is going around and made the cover of in touch. He is claiming the photo is photo […]

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Katy Perry Nervous About Superbowl

Who would have thought that Katy Perry get’s nervous about anything. Apparently she is about her Super bowl appearance though, and who could blame her after over 111 million people watched last year. You can […]

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Hermaphroditic Cat Is Getting Gender Assignment Surgery

This is a new one on us, but apparently it’s more common than you might realize. On a visit to the vet they found out their cat had both male and female parts. They are doing […]

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Who’s got the BABY?!? #Recipe for #KingsCake

The Mardi Gras or Carnival season officially began on January 6th or “King’s Day” and I noticed that the bakeries put out the King’s Cakes!!


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Leigh Ann & Courtney Are Giving Away Taylor Swift Tickets!

KVIL has your tickets to the hottest concert of the year…Taylor Swift!


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This 109-Year-Old Women Says The Key To Living Long Is Avoiding Men

This is awesome. She says the key to living a long life is avoiding men. “They are more trouble than they are worth” was her response. We can totally see that. You have to see […]

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Justin Bieber Roast Is Happening On Comedy Central

This is going to be out of control. I’m sure celebrities are going to be lining up all over the place for this one. And there is no shortage of material. I mean where do […]

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Taylor Swift Proved She’s Awesome By Defending A Bullied Fan Online

Taylor Swift sent another care package to a fan, and of course she was shocked. Her reaction is on youtube. Well, one person commented that the girl was ugly. So Taylor had a little something […]

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6 Beauty Products You Should Never Share

I think everyone knows you shouldn’t share your toothbrush, that’s just gross. But there is a long list of other things you shouldn’t share. If you did share these things you could end up with […]

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