Leigh Ann And Courtney Live From Six Flags!Join Leigh Ann, Courtney Kerr and 103.7 KVIL Monday from 3pm to 7pm at Six Flags!
VIDEO: 103.7 KVIL In The Dallas Pride Parade!Check out the streaming video of 103.7 KVIL in the 2014 Dallas Pride Parade.
George Clooney Professes His Love
Leigh Ann: 2 Year Old Tells Us How To Put On MakeupLook out Courtney Kerr... This little 2 year old is giving you a run for your money.
Brad Paisley Win Them Before You Can Buy Them Tickets With Leigh Ann!
First Photo Of 'Fifty Shades Of Grey" ReleasedFinally! Will this film ever be released??
Hollywood Hot Talk: Kimye Wedding; One Direction Caught Smoking WeedThis week on Hollywood Hot Talk, Leigh Ann talks about "The Wedding"
Kimye Wedding Photos Released!I can admit when I'm wrong. And boy was I wrong about this. I didn't think there would actually be a wedding between Kim and Kayne.
HS Students Take Drastic Measures To Get Out Of FinalsSeriously?! I think I’ve heard it all now. Who would try and hire someone to run them over so they didn’t have to take a test? What happened to “faking” sick.
Adam Levine Doesn't Care What You Think About His HairAdam Levine does not care if we like his hair or not.
Adam Levine Is Now A BlondeWhen I first heard that Adam Levine was now blonde I just knew I was going to hate it.
Suburbia Fest: Leigh Ann & John Interview Delta Rae

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