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The Untraditional Leap Day Proposal

Tradition has it that Leap Day is the one day that it is socially acceptable for a woman to propose to her man. So what happens when a modern lady takes this idea and runs […]



What’s Up With All The Leap Day Babies?

Your odds off being born on Leap Day are 1 in 1461. Probably not as high as you would think, but certainly high enough that you wouldn’t think there would be more than one Leap […]


Leap Day

Leap Year Explained!

Ever wonder why every four years we get a day that literally is unlike any other day? Well this great little video explains the whole Leap Year Leap Day phenomenon in the most entertaining way […]


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12 Leaps For Leap Day 2012

Don’t fool yourself. Today’s date is not March 1st, it’s February 29th or Leap Day. In honor of this odd day that only comes once every four years, here are a few leaps and things […]



Dallas Teacher Calls For “Sickout”

There is a chance if your kids going to a Dallas Public School that your child could have an unexpected day off soon.  There has been a call to action from teachers for a “sickout” […]