Taylor Swift Tuesday!

Get ready for a Taylor Swift Ticket Tuesday!


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Keira Knightly Poses Topless For Magazine

Keira Knightly is apparently tired of having her breasts altered when it comes to photo shoots.


(Photo by Chris Haston/NBC)

Leigh Ann: Do You Remember These Stars?

I love when TMZ posts pictures of celebs that we may have forgotten about. And here’s another round.


MasterCard Priceless Los Angeles Presents GRAMMY Artists Revealed Featuring Bon Jovi

Leigh Ann: Does Age Matter?

What 55 year old super star rocker is dating a musician nearly half is age?


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Target Speaks Out About Famous Employee, Alex

Alex from Target…a marketing campaign or not? Alex’s photo has been shared more than 1.5 million times on social media.


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Mom Pretends To Be Daughter To Get Out Of Ticket

This 43 year old woman tried to pretend she was her 22 year old daughter to get out of a ticket.


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Jennifer Anniston Without Makeup

Ever wonder what Jennifer Aniston looks like without makeup?


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Bill Clinton Photo Bombs Crying Little Girl

Ever been photo bombed by someone famous? Well this little girl has.


(Courtesy of Big Machine)

Want To Hear Taylor Swift Music? Don’t Look On Spotify

If you’re in the mood for some Taylor Swift music today, don’t waste your time searching on Spotify.


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Julie’s Jabbers: Forget the Boogie Man, I’m Scared of Stranger Danger

I volunteer at my kids’ school and like most parents, I’m required to take an annual child safety course so I can continue to do so. These classes always scare me but the one I took this year aged me 10 years in a half hour.