Ikea Recalls 29 Million Dressers After They Crushed Six Kids!This is scary!
Mother Of Little Boy Who Fell Into Gorilla Cage Won't Be Charged!
This Woman Stabbed Her Boyfriend To Death For Being On Facebook!
Tourists In Argentina Kill Baby Dolphin After Taking It Out Of Water For SelfiesSelfies are starting to become a problem. Selfies can be dangerous. Whether it's the guy who fell off a cliff trying to take a selfie, or the guy who accidentally shot himself in the head trying to pose for his selfie; selfies can kill. And now it's happened to a poor innocent baby dolphin.
Husband Paid To Have His Wife Killed! Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral!
Justin Bieber Lost A Friend In The Paris Attacks, Leaves Heartfelt Message On Twitter!
This Woman Is Being Accused Of Killing Her Boyfriend With Her Breasts!
Bart Simpson To Be Killed Off This Coming Season!
Best Headline I've Seen Today: "Pennsylvania Man Killed By His Dead Mother-In-Law"Of course I had to click it...
10 Killed When Helicopters Collide During Reality TV Show Shoot
Bruce Jenner Deadly Crash - Cops Getting Search Warrant for Cellphone! Was He Texting?
Bravo Star Greg Plitt Dead - Hit By A Train!

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