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Kids And Their Cash

Julie’s daughters freaking out about spending money at the mall led us to discuss kids and their cash.


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What Your Kids Have Busted You For Having

Julie got busted by her daughter for having coupons to Victoria’s Secret. What have your kids busted you for having


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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Kids Stuck In Playground Tubes

Screaming sports parents, kids getting stuck at the top of playground tubes, and ladies who need an entire chair for their purses are just a few of the things Ain’t Nobody Got Time For.


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10 Ways Parenting With A Toddler Is Like Living In Prison

It’s hard time doing 18-20 without parole, but that’s life when you’re a parent of a toddler.


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When Kids Cause Injury To Adults

For all the joy they bring into your life, kids can be a hazard to your health and safety. This morning, we shared stories of when kids caused adults injuries.


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Gross Things Kids Do In Public

Kids do the grossest things… And it always seems to be in public.


Tony with the kids from Casa View Elementary

Tony’s Tot Talk: 6-Year-Olds On The Winter Olympics

Tony recently visited with the kids at Casa View Elementary to ask them questions about the Sochi WInter Olympics.


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T-Shirts That Might Be Inappropriate For Kids

This morning, we talked about inappropriate t-shirts for kids.


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Play Date Fails

Julie has a story of a playdate fail that inspired us to share our embarrassing child-related moments.


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Parents Leave Note For Kids To Let Them Sleep In

Parents who just wanna sleep in leave a Do Not Disturb note for their kids.